About Us

Welcome to The Early Teacher!

A family-owned children’s store for educational toys and gifts. Choose the toys you love and love the toys you choose. Learning through play without boundaries.


The Early Teacher was founded by Chérie Mobberley during the 1st UK lockdown in March 2020. We created The Early Teacher to help children who were about to, or had just started their school journey. Because of the pandemic, these parents and children were now faced with homeschooling/distance learning with very little preparation or support. As the need for homeschooling/distance learning reduced, we expanded into a variety of educational toys and gifts to be able to reach more families who want to help the children in their lives learn through play.

Why Choose The Early Teacher?

As a business we want to be able to offer parents, families, and friends somewhere they can go to find the best quality toys and gifts for their loved ones. Providing items that not only encourage learning through play but that are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. This is the world our little ones are going to inherit and we want to leave it in the best shape possible.


When selecting our toys and gifts, we focus on the skills and learning that take place when children play. We aim to bring a variety of both well known and new brands from around the world to parents, family and friends of children in the UK. Being founded by a teacher who has taught in Europe, North America and Asia we have witnessed many different approaches to helping children learn and we select our products based on a mix of those approaches.

Get in touch

We really hope you love what you see and if there is anything you need help with, don’t be afraid to reach out. Pop us a message in a few different ways, via the contact us page, The Early Teacher Facebook and Instagram, or by email.