Educational Toys For 8 Year Olds

Educational toys for 8 year olds are a great way to encourage their learning and development outside of the classroom, in a fun and engaging way. At The Early Teacher, we stock a wide range of educational toys, including STEM toys for kids, educational board games, literacy toys, and more. 

At 8 years old, children need a challenge to stay engaged, and what better way than with The Genius Star by The Happy Puzzle Company. The popular puzzle is a great educational toy for 8 year olds, and can be played solo or competitively with two players. What’s more, it’s fun for adults too!

Or, why not spark their interest in engineering with our range of STEM toys? Ultralight Airplanes is the perfect STEM toy for 8 year olds, allowing children to construct 5 different flying gliders, whilst learning how planes stay up in the air.

Whatever your child likes, we have educational toys for 8 year olds and above that will spark their interest, creativity, and imagination, all whilst helping them to develop key skills.