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As an educational toy supplier, we understand the importance of providing long-lasting and biodegradable toys for your little ones. We offer a variety of toys and games made from eco-friendly materials. These include: sustainable wooden toys, recycled plastic, paper, cardboard and fabric toys. Each product is designed with the environment in mind so they can be enjoyed by future generations too!

We supply sustainable and eco-friendly brands you can trust. You will find everything from Rag Books by ThreadBear Design, through to cardboard animal construction sets by Eugy. If you're after something a little bigger, we also stock a number of wooden train sets from BigJigs Rail, which are great for logical thinking and role play. Our sustainable wooden toys are great for play, while being environmentally friendly!

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Premium wooden play kitchen for kids with young boy and girl pretend cooking by tidloBelfast sink and oven childrens country play kitchen set by tidlo toys perfect for role play
Wooden tool set for kids with 28 functional tools shown in their storage boxWooden storage box closed with hammer, spanners, saw and screwdriver for kids from the wooden tool box set by bigjigs toys
Bigjigs wooden tool set pretend play toy with wooden construction tools for kids on display in open storage boxYoung boy pulling out a wooden tool from the bigjigs wooden tool set whilst laying on a white wooden floor
Childs first wooden tool box set with large wooden tools and bolts for easy gripping in pastel colours from bigjigs toysWooden hammer, spanner, nuts & bolts including ruler and toolbox from bigjigs toys
Childrens gardening set with trowel, scraper, gloves, ruler and depth gauge made by bigjigs toys in green and natural wood coloursChildrens gardening set with trowel, scraper, gloves, ruler and depth gauge made by bigjigs toys in green and natural wood colours
Sustainable front loading truck in blue and yellow with bucket raised by green toysLoader truck by green toys in its cardboard packaging
Young boy and girl sat in garden reading within their wooden and fabric tee-pee tent from bigjig toysFamily of children, dog and mother playing with bubbles sat in the garden outside their sustainable fabric and wood tee-pee tent from bigjig toys
Recycled plastic gardening watering can for kids with trowel and fork in yellow and green from green toysGreen toys watering can with yellow shovel and fork placed inside the can
Tumbling teddies game shown tumbling over with wooden teddies being flungTumbling teddies game in its packaging with open box to see contents
Assorted wooden stacking sensory toys in red, yellow, blue and green from bigjigs toysAssorted sensory stacking toys in vibrant rainbow colours from bigjigs toys
Wooden farm train set for kids by bigjigs toys showing animals, farmer and a wooden train carrying a chickenWooden farm themed train set for kids by bigjigs toys with pig, sheep, duck and farmers helpers
Wooden vegetables and wooden knife from tidlo to practice cutting for kidsYoung boy cutting pretend play wooden vegetables from tidlo with a wooden knife
Portable wooden dolls house with accessories inside and carry handle from bigjigs toysWooden man and woman sat in wooden open top jeep in red infront of their portal dolls house
Green toys sustainable doctors play set for kids including stethoscope, reaction checker, tweezers and notes cardsYoung girl using a stethoscope from the green toys doctors pretend play kit
Educational wooden red bus sorting toy with 8 assorted animal pieces from bigjig toysFront of a wooden red bus sorting toy with dog driving and array of animals on roof and ground infront including squirrel, duck, cat, rabbit, dog, fox, pig and chicken
Wooden drum for small children FSC certified with star pattern drumBigjigs wooden drum with slots for making different sounds with red tipped drum stick
Wooden fire engine with hoses and accessories for children by tidlo toysWooden fire engine with characters climbing up ladder and putting out fires with hoses from the tidlo wooden fire engine set for kids
Wooden croquet set in red, green, yellow and blue with storage bagsTwo young boys outside playing croquet on grass using the wooden croquet set by bigjigs toys
Blue and Orange green toys dumper truckBlue & Orange Green Toys Recycled Plastic Dumper Truck With Back Of Truck Up
Wooden racing ramp car toy in bright colours from bigjigs toys with 4 small wooden carsWood ramp gravity toy with green and blue cars going down ramps from bigjigs
Pretend play mini hospital play set for kids with wooden hospital equipment and charactersWooden doctor and nurse stood infront of a wooden hospital bed with a bear patient from the mini hospital playset by bigjig toys
Rainbow colours wooden domino run set for kidsWooden domino run set in multiple colours with wooden ball and ramp
Makedo invent large 360 piece tool set for cardboard constructionOverhead view of the packaging and contents for the makedo invent cardboard construction set
Makedo explore set showing handy built container for scrus and toolsCardboard packaging for the Makedo Explore tool kit showing Safe-Saw - steel blade with no sharp edges, Scru-Driver, Scrus, Scru+, Mini-Tool
Makedo Discover large construction set for kids with recycled plastic scru's safe saws, screwdriver and fold creatorMakedo Discover packaging showing contents of the pack
FSC Number tray in soft colours numbered from 1 to 100 on a wooden baseWooden number tray FSC sustainable by bigjigs toys with green, orange and white cubes
FSC Wooden Toy Tool bench by bigjigs toys in blue and pink with large safe tools for kidsWooden saw, hammer, chisel, spanner and ruler from the bigjigs wooden tool bench
The bigjigs 1 - 100 number tray with some cubes left on table showing slots for them Close up view of green, yellow and red number cubes in tray from the bigjigs 1 - 100 number set
Bigjigs Toys
Number Tray Sale priceΒ£28.99
Wooden baby walker by bigjigs toys on white background with 3 coloured blocks in frontSide view of the wooden baby walker by bigjigs toys showing blue side and coloured wheels
Fully constructed wooden mountain view trainset by bigjigs rail including characters, trains, forest, bridges and mountainsSide view of the bigjigs rail wooden train set for kids showing various characters and accessories on a white background and white wooden floor

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