Fine Motor Skills Toys

Fine motor skills toys are a great way for children to develop their  grip and use of their fingers, improving both their strength and their hand-eye coordination, in preparation for such tasks as writing, drawing, typing, and even playing sports. 

At The Early Teacher, we stock a wide range of fine motor skills toys that will help your child to develop in a fun, engaging way. Some of which may also help to develop other key skills such as maths, engineering, and science.

Our fine motor skills toys are appropriate for a range of ages, from preschool to 10+. For younger children, our Pound and Tap Bench, and our Number Tower are both great ways to start developing fine motor skills. Meanwhile, older children may enjoy our Tie-Dye Textile Paint, or our Woodwork Deluxe Set, which will help them refine motor skills in a fun, engaging way.