Role Play

Our childrens role-playing games & toys will allow your child to explore different roles in life through playtime.

Whether it’s being a doctor helping people with our Bigjigs doctors kit or becoming a construction worker building and sawing using a carpenters belt, our role-play toys will let your child take on these exciting professions without ever leaving home!

We have sets of puppets such as Snow White from Fiesta Crafts, which provide an opportunity to act out stories with others as well as a selection of food based toys such as the Tender Leaf fruity blender and rainbow birthday cake. There's plenty to choose from to keep your child entertained for hours.

  • A childrens toy tea set by JaBaDaBaDo containing cups, saucers, tea, milk, sugar bowl and cookies. A child pouring tea using the toy tea set by JaBaDaBaDo.

    Afternoon Tea Set

    Gorgeous classic wooden Afternoon Tea Set. Perfect for children who love role play, invite all of your friends round for tea and cookies. Beautiful pastel colours make it a lovely set to have in any home. Our inviting Afternoon Tea Set includes: 1...

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  • A childrens wooden tool box containing wooden tools such as ruler, wrench, screwdriver and hammer by  JaBaDaBaDo Childrens wooden tools laid on a white background illustrating a hammer, saw, ruler and screws by JaBaDaBaDo

    Silverline Toolbox

    The best gift for the next little carpenter in town. This sleek silver line toolbox contains 22 pieces, with everything that a budding carpenter needs to build and make a living at home. Let your children’s imagination and creativity run wild. The...

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  • Wooden doctors kit for childrens role play including carry case and instruments by JaBaDaBaDo

    Silverline Doctor Case

    A classy wooden silver line alternative to the bright plastic doctor's kits you quite often find. Your little one will have a lot of fun with this doctor’s bag and the 9 accessories it comes with. Including everything a little doctor could possibly...

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  • JaBaDaBaDo wooden Safari jeep with trailer and 6 wild animal figures. JaBaDaBaDo wooden Safari jeep, trailer, lion, hippo, flamingo, crocodile, elephant and giraffe wooden figures. The Lion is standing on the roof of the jeep.

    Safari Jeep

    Get adventurous and go wild with the animals and their safari jeep. This beautiful wooden jeep holds 6 of the most common animals found in the jungle. Littl ones can load the animals on and off the trailer and drive them around on a safari trip. The...

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  • JaBaDaBaDo green wooden tractor and trailer with 6 common farm animals. Little girl in pink top playing with the JaBaDaBaDo Animal Farm tractor in front of a yellow wall.

    Animal Farm Tractor

    Children who love animals will have great fun with the JaBaDaBaDo Animal Farm Tractor. The carfully crafted wooden tractor pulls the detachable trailer which can carry 6 different animals that you will find at the farm. Load the animals on and off the...

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  • 5 pastel coloured, stackable  number cubes with cute wooden animals 5 pastel coloured cubes stacked in a tower with cut out doors to house 10 cute wooden animals

    Animal Stacking Cubes

    A set of 5 colourful, stackable, hardboard cubes. Each cube is numbered with the numbers 1-5. These beautiful pastel coloured, stackable cubespastel coloured, stackable cube have different images on each side and one side cut out like a door. Each cube...

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  • Junior bakery kit with carry case to store all of the items. Bakery set and case displayed with real flour and eggs to show it is suitable for both real and pretend baking.

    Junior Bakery Set

    The perfect way to bring Bake Off to your own kitchen. This comprehensive Junior Bakery Set has everything youngsters need to get busy in the kitchen. With 13 different parts this is the perfect set to either role play to your hearts content or take it...

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  • KIPOD Shadow Puppets dark blue packaging with 6 red felt shadow puppet bracelets. Two arms outstretched above one with a tortoise shell and the other a snail shell bracelet. KIPOD Shadow Puppets dark blue packaging with 4 red felt shadow puppet bracelets.

    Shadow Puppets

    The perfect addition for a cosy night in with the whole family. KIPOD Shadow Puppets, soft animals bracelets that allow you to create adorable and funny shadow theatre whilst making magical memories. Everyone loves to create shadow puppets on the wall,...

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  • Mini Gigi doll in yellow dress with curly black hair tied up by ThreadBear Design. a little girl playing with ThreadBear Design Mini Gigi doll and dolls house accessories.

    Mini Gigi Doll

    Flexible, soft dolly, perfectly scaled for dolls houses or to take on trips wherever you go. Get to know your gorgeous dolly and show her everything you love and don't love! This is the lovely Gigi, make sure you know her favourite and least favourite...

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