Educational Toys

Educational toys and games are great for the development of children as they grow. They help kids learn new skills and establish important concepts, like shape, colours, numbers, letters and more!

We have a range of educational toys for children of all ages. Even fun puzzle toys and games that the whole family can get involved with and practice their team working skills.

Role play toys let children’s imaginations flourish on their own. This helps develop confidence in your little ones. Hands-on learning is the best way to encourage a child’s creative nature.

We also have STEM toys to enrich a child's brain and learn whilst playing. Children have endless curiosity and these educational toys help motivate this from an early age. If your child would like to learn about gears and mechanisms check out Woofy and Shleep from Tomata in our STEM collection.

Why not practice maths with the ever popular Numberblocks MathLink Cubes or solve some of the amazing puzzles like Bee Genius and The Genius Star by The Happy Puzzle Company. See how satisfying it is to watch children develop with these educational toys.

  • Junko Core Zoomer! Kit cardboard tube packaging with an orange cardboard junk car and the stages of building to get to the finished car. Green background.

    Core Zoomer! Kit

    Dream up and make your own working toy vehicles using household junk with the JUNKO Core Zoomer! (This kit can be modified to float your inventions on water with a JUNKO Water! Kit) This is a fun, challenging educational and developmental toy which will...

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  • packaging for CBeebies Numberblocks Mathlink Cubes 1-10 Activity Set

    Numberblocks MathLink® Cubes

    The popular Numberblocks Mathlink Cubes by Learning Resources!  You might have seen the Numberblocks on the award-winning CBeebies series. Numberblocks are friendly characters that help children build on their maths skills in their early years...

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  • Kids First Robot Engineer

    Kids First Robot Engineer

    Kids First Robot Engineer Read the funny story of two inquisitive kids, Ty and Karlie, and build simple, non-motorized models of the robots they construct and fix during their adventure to an automated sweet factory. During this zany outing, Ty and...

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  • Kids First Automobile Engineer

    Kids First Automobile Engineer

    Kids First Automobile Engineer Read the funny story of two inquisitive kids and build simple models of the vehicles they encounter on their comical trip to the supermarket with their dad. Along this roundabout journey, the kids build various vehicles to...

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  • Thames and Kosmos Solar Powered Rovers Cardboard Packaging

    Solar Powered Rovers

    Solar Powered Rovers  Want to build fun solar-powered vehicles and devices that move using electricity generated directly from sunlight? With this kit, you can construct five motorized models. Build three types of solar cars, a solar fan, and a...

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  • Scrus and Scru+ by Makedo

    Makedo - Scru Combo

    Increase your Makedo creations with this useful Scru Combo set! Build, make and create more complex cardboard designs and work collaboratively with other makers. Use the Scru-Driver or Mini-Tool (found in the Starter, Explore or Discover kits) to...

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  • Child plays with Hape Optical Science Lab

    Optical Science Lab

    The Optical Science Lab is one of the great STEM learning toys from the well known German brand Hape. Explore the world of optical science and light with this set of 8 experiments. The perfect gift for young scientists and inventors! The combination of...

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  • Magnet Science Lab

    Magnet Science Lab

    Explore the world of physics and magnetic science with this set of 7 experiments.  The Magnet Science Lab by Hape Toys is a great STEM learning toy for girls and boys aged 4+ to explore the cause and effect relationship between magnets. Hape is a...

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  • cardboard packaging for the Hape Three Experiment Kit.

    Three Experiment Kit

    The Hape Three Experiment kit from the Junior Inventor range is a great way to get your little ones interested in STEM learning. Get busy inventing with this kit containing over three exciting experiments. As children aged four and over complete each...

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  • Hape Science Experiment toolbox open displaying cogs, screwdriver, spanner and more

    Science Experiment Toolbox

    Good things come in small boxes! This cool compact Science Experiment toolbox contains everything junior inventors aged 4+ need to carry out over six exciting experiments that will teach them about science and inventing. Experiment with pullys, cogs,...

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  • Hape Animated City educational jigsaw puzzle almost complete

    Animated City Puzzle

    This large 49-piece puzzle from the well know brand Hape creates an exciting cityscape puzzle with a magic card camera viewer. The magic camera creates animated effects as you slide it across the puzzle, making it look like people are running, birds and...

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