Educational Toys

Do you have a little one at home or are you looking for the perfect toy or gift for a child?

Educational toys and games are great for the development of children as they grow. They help kids learn new skills and develop important concepts like shape recognition, colours, numbers, letters and more!

Why not practice maths with the ever popular Numberblocks MathLink Cubes or try and solve some of the amazing Bee Genius and Genius star puzzle sets by the Happy Puzzle Company.

If your child would like to learn about gears and mechanisms check out Woofy and Shleep from Tomata in our STEM collection.

  • Junko Core Zoomer! Kit cardboard tube packaging with an orange cardboard junk car and the stages of building to get to the finished car. Green background. Junko Core Zoomer! Kit cardboard tube packaging with an orange cardboard junk car and the stages of building to get to the finished car. Green background.

    Core Zoomer! Kit

    Dream up and make your own working toy vehicles using household junk with the JUNKO Core Zoomer! (This kit can be modified to float your inventions on water with a JUNKO Water! Kit) This is a fun, challenging educational and developmental toy which will...

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  • A childrens toy tea set by JaBaDaBaDo containing cups, saucers, tea, milk, sugar bowl and cookies. A child pouring tea using the toy tea set by JaBaDaBaDo.

    Afternoon Tea Set

    Gorgeous classic wooden Afternoon Tea Set. Perfect for children who love role play, invite all of your friends round for tea and cookies. Beautiful pastel colours make it a lovely set to have in any home. Our inviting Afternoon Tea Set includes: 1...

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  • A cork plate showing wooden pieces nailed to complete a puzzle with hammer by JaBaDaBaDo. A cork plate with an array of wooden puzzle pieces that can be hammered using safe nails for children by JaBaDaBaDo

    Hammer Tap Tap

    This fun puzzle is excellent for enouraging creativity and imagination. Containing lots of colourful characters, the wooden pieces can be nailed on to the cork plate over and over again, creating so many different patterns and scenes. This is a puzzle...

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  • A wooden puzzle made with 9 different wooden vehicles for children, containing fire engines, tractors, police cars by JaBaDaBaDo A wooden puzzle partially completed with 9 different wooden vehicles for children by JaBaDaBaDo

    Cars Puzzle

    9 different wooden vehicles make up this fun puzzle for the little ones. The chunky vehicles are shaped to fit well into small hands and are easy to grab and move around. Learn the names of different vehicles and what they are used for while improving...

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  • A childrens wooden tool box containing wooden tools such as ruler, wrench, screwdriver and hammer by  JaBaDaBaDo Childrens wooden tools laid on a white background illustrating a hammer, saw, ruler and screws by JaBaDaBaDo

    Silverline Toolbox

    The best gift for the next little carpenter in town. This sleek silver line toolbox contains 22 pieces, with everything that a budding carpenter needs to build and make a living at home. Let your children’s imagination and creativity run wild. The...

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  • Wooden doctors kit for childrens role play including carry case and instruments by JaBaDaBaDo

    Silverline Doctor Case

    A classy wooden silver line alternative to the bright plastic doctor's kits you quite often find. Your little one will have a lot of fun with this doctor’s bag and the 9 accessories it comes with. Including everything a little doctor could possibly...

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  • A wooden pull along train set in gender neutral colours by JaBaDaBaDo A small child playing with a wooden stacking, pull along train set by JaBaDaBaDo

    Silverline Block Train

    Pull along stacking block train set with stimulating gender neutral colours and shapes. Develop early coordination putting the train together across 3 trolleys. Each section can be separated and the child is able to use any of the 13 different shaped...

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  • JaBaDaBaDo wooden Safari jeep with trailer and 6 wild animal figures. JaBaDaBaDo wooden Safari jeep, trailer, lion, hippo, flamingo, crocodile, elephant and giraffe wooden figures. The Lion is standing on the roof of the jeep.

    Safari Jeep

    Get adventurous and go wild with the animals and their safari jeep. This beautiful wooden jeep holds 6 of the most common animals found in the jungle. Littl ones can load the animals on and off the trailer and drive them around on a safari trip. The...

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  • JaBaDaBaDo green wooden tractor and trailer with 6 common farm animals. Little girl in pink top playing with the JaBaDaBaDo Animal Farm tractor in front of a yellow wall.

    Animal Farm Tractor

    Children who love animals will have great fun with the JaBaDaBaDo Animal Farm Tractor. The carfully crafted wooden tractor pulls the detachable trailer which can carry 6 different animals that you will find at the farm. Load the animals on and off the...

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  • 5 pastel coloured, stackable  number cubes with cute wooden animals 5 pastel coloured cubes stacked in a tower with cut out doors to house 10 cute wooden animals

    Animal Stacking Cubes

    A set of 5 colourful, stackable, hardboard cubes. Each cube is numbered with the numbers 1-5. These beautiful pastel coloured, stackable cubespastel coloured, stackable cube have different images on each side and one side cut out like a door. Each cube...

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