Puzzles & Games

Puzzles & Games for children can help develop their problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, counting, creativity and more! They also make great gifts for birthdays or holidays - everyone loves a good puzzle! 

We have a wide selection of puzzles & games from brands such as The Happy Puzzle Company and Learning Resources. If you're looking for a classic games set check out the Games Compendium or Jumbo Domnioes by Bigjigs. We also stock a series of stacking puzzles like tumbling teddies and lock-a-cube which are great if your child likes to sort and build.

  • colourful wooden quoits game with colour coded rope rings

    Wooden Quoits

    This classic game of skill and accuracy will bring out the competitive streak in little ones (and big ones) as they attempt to hook the ropes over the brightly coloured poles and achieve the top score. Each rope is colour co-ordinated with one of the...

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  • 30 cubed puzzle in tray with 4 cubes around the outside 30 cubed puzzle in tray with 4 cubes around the outside

    30 Cubed

    SequencingVisual PerceptionLateral ThinkingProblem SolvingSpatial Awareness 30 Cubed has been based on mathematical principles that have challenged generations of mathematicians. The set contains 30 different cubes, plus a 6 x 5 grid and a...

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  • Blue Whale pouch and blue and white Mobi tiles Blue whale Mobi storage pouch

    Mobi - Maths Game

    Want to improve your Numeracy skills and Speed Of Thought? Mobi is a genius game and the only surprise is that nobody thought of this before! Blue tiles are numbers and white tiles are operations. Players use their tiles to create...

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  • Bee Genius game, packaging and award winning logo Bee Genius Game colourful hexagon shape board game

    Bee Genius

    Strategic PlanningSpatial AwarenessVisual Perception The Queen Bee is leading her worker bees in the construction of their new honeycomband they need help! Following on from the huge success of The Genius Square, we’re delighted to introduce Bee...

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  • Tender Leaf Bear Colours Clock - a cute bear face with removable wooden rainbow numbers 1-12 around the clock face, blue pointers are attached by a black nose. Tender Leaf Bear Colours Clock in cardboard packaging with clear window to show the rainbow colours of the bear clock face with blue pointers attached by a black nose.

    Bear Colours Clock

    A cute bear clock with 12 brightly coloured wooden removable number blocks and independentmoving hands, match up the colours to reveal the clock face. Great for number recognition and ordering before then moving on to telling the time. Wall bracket...

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