Sustainable Wooden Toys

Sustainable wooden toys made for educational purposes are classic, good for the environment, and they also help kids learn through play.

We offer a wide range of sustainable wooden toys, including puzzles, building blocks and more! We source products made from high-quality materials ensuring they are eco-friendly, as well as safe for children to use. You can feel good about giving your child one of our toys, because they’ll be boosting their brain and having fun. 

Make learning numbers and letters more enjoyable with the Bigjigs Toys Magnetic Numbers and Magnetic Letter sets. If you'd like to promote role play, our range of Tender Leaf toys, such as Safari Adventure and Fruity Blender will help your child explore and expand their imagination.

These long lasting sustainable wooden toys can be passed down for generations, which is better for the environment (and your bank balance). With our variety, we are sure you will find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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