Taf Toys

Taf Toys design and develop fun toys that make the parenting experience smoother, to allow you to focus on enjoying precious moments with your child. Each Taf Toy has been carefully thought out with your child’s development as a priority whether it be night time, meal time or even bath time. If a toy can help to make a parent’s life easier, Taf Toys see that as a win.

Taf Toys take the environment around us very seriously. That is why the planet is considered at every stage of toy development. Some of the efforts that Taf Toys make to look after the planet include:

  • Reused and recyclable packaging
  • Recyclable plastic used in the toys
  • Little use of batteries in the toys
  • No polycarbonates used in the products
  • Premium quality, durable fabrics used
  • Economic use of packaging

Taf Toys also adheres to ethical guidelines when manufacturing toys and they strongly disagree with child labour.